Minibaen Preorder

$30.00 / Sold Out

Minibaen is a 13u ortho pcb that fits inside Minivan compatible cases. It uses condensed spacing to fit. This spacing means some key cap profiles (mainly SA) can potentially have issues. Large spacebars *will* have issues, you may need to file them. This is soldered only, has rotary encoder support, no RGB, only has 3 of 7 tray-mount points, and comes pre-flashed with VIAL firmware. The controllers will be hand-soldered by me which may take some time. Please allow ~1 month for me to get these out. These will be produced by JLCPCB and thus will be slightly lower quality, but cheap. Please understand this when purchasing. Purchase includes 1 fully assembled PCB and 1 universal FR4 switch plate. PCBs will be white with black silkscreen, plates will be black.

Shipping estimate is ~1 month, probably less.