Plop PCB

$5.00 - $35.00

Plop is a drop in replacement PCB for Planck cases with a traditional staggered layout. It is only compatible with Hi and Mid profile Planck cases! Please make sure your case is compatible before purchasing.

Plop runs VIAL firmware, has 9 underglow RGB LED's, and unlike Planck it is not hotswap. It supports various layouts shown in the last image. Firmware source can be found here.

Every PCB includes:
-Plop PCB, fully assembled and flashed with VIAL firmware
-FR4 Switch Plate
-6x m2x3mm standoffs, 6x m2x3mm screws, 6x m2x4mm screws.

The 4mm screws are used for the bottom, 3mm screws are for the top.

The below options are sold as-is and refunds/returns will not be accepted.
B stock pcbs have partially defective underglow RGB.
D stock has a missing diode (SOD323) and can be semi-easily prepared if you have the hardware.
F stock is DOA, but potentially fixable. DO NOT purchase this if you want a working keyboard.