Twoyo Keyboard Kit

$30.00 / Sold Out

Twoyo is a pro micro based split staggered 40% keyboard. The PCB only supports MX switches.

Included in this kit is a left and right PCB, switch plate, and bottom plate, as well as mounting hardware, reset switches, TRRS jacks, and diodes. To complete this you will need 2 pro micro controllers (or compatible replacements), 2x2u stabilizers, and a TRRS or TRS cable.

QMK firmware can be found here

You will need to compile your own firmware, more details can be found in the QMK docs.

ZMK firmware can be found here

ZMK firmware is compiled by Github Actions. More info can be found in the 

ZMK docs.

The R1 plates are ONLY a plate nothing else. I don't know why you would want one, but they're just getting trashed otherwise.