Yasui Keyboard Kit

$15.00 - $30.00

Yasui is a pro micro based 4x10 ortholinear keyboard. PCB supports MX switches and an RGB strip. Numerous bottom row options are supported allowing for a layout that works for anyone. V2 (this one!) also has official VIA firmware and support, as well as VIAL firmware. VIAL hex can be found


Included in this kit is a PCB, switch plate, bottom plate, mounting hardware, bumpons, reset switch, and diodes. To complete this you will need a pro micro controller (or compatible replacement) and any applicable stabs for your chosen layout.

Firmware can be found in QMK master. Yasui supports VIA as well~

You will need to compile your own firmware, more details can be found in the QMK docs.

V1 PCB is *only* a pcb, you will receive nothing else.